How to generate a short pulse from a longer pulse

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I have a pulse of 10 nesc wide. (low 0V, high 1V)
How do I build a circuit that take this 10 nsec pulse and output a pulse much smaller (<1 nsec)?
The rise point of the 10 nsec pulse and the <1 nsec pulse should be almost the same (<1 nsec difference)
any ideas?


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Generating a 1ns pulse would require a very fast circuit with sub ns rise and fall times.
Don't know of any commercial digital circuits that can do that.
What will this 1ns pulse do?


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ECL logic gates like this one respond in 300pS and a signal is in the 1V range.
There needs to be more thinking about this, but here is a start.
Input signal to pin-2. Use a RC to get the edges of the signal. (RC) feed that to pin-3.
The output will be 300pS behind the input and will pulse for a time set by RC.
There is a better way but I don't have time now. I have used XOR gates to do something like this.
I have used 3 gates delay to make the 1nS delay that is needed. (no RC)


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You can use logic device propagation delays to generate sub-ns short pulses.
Thank you, the last circuit is the one I wanted to see.
Most logic cannot do sub nS. It is hard to find logic that can do 2nS. The ECL type are very fast and have 1-volt signals. (requirement)

We don't know enough yet. The signal is probably analog not digital. We don't know impedance. Too many unknowns.