How to do multi-channel inversion of signal ?

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I need a way to invert multiple voltage signals i.e. if the input is high, I want the output to be low and if the input is low I want the output to be high.

The low volatge is 0V (or as near as)
The high voltage is 24V

I know I can do this with each channel having a NPN transistor to invert (I've seen other posts on this forum giving the details) - but I was wondering if there was a more off-the-shelf solution to solving this.

I believe I could use an IC with multiple NPN transistors in them - which might be more 'elegant'. (Its been many years since I touched an IC in any circuit)

I was hoping / kind of expected that there would be a pre-made board that I could buy, all integrated and wired up, just waiting for power supply and input and outputs ...
As is always the case with these thing - space is limited - and I thought a premade-board would fit better/tighhter than lots of individual NPN transistors soldered up ! (especially with my novice soldering skills)

This 'transistor bank' has to sit between one control unit that expect signals on the high voltage (24v) - and another that grounds the voltage on trigger.

All suggestions appreciated.