How to de-solder coiled wire from a connection pin on a circuit board?

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You know those circuit board pins that have a coil of wire soldered onto them,
how do you de-solder them to get better access to the bottom of the circuit board.


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I’d clip the wire ties, giving you more flexibility. Then I’d apply heat to the middle of the coil until you see the solder melt. Remove the heat source and pull up on the coil with a hemostat or needle nose pliers. You may have to repeat. While counter intuitive, you may have to add a tiny bit of solder.


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Wow, soldered wire-wrap... What is that on? Or do you just have the boards? Are the wire-wrap pins soldered on the backside of the board?


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If the wires have not been soldered (which would be redundant anyway provided the wire was wrapped correctly) you can unwrap the wires by grabbing the end at the top of the wire wrap pins with needle nose plairs. There is also a tool for doing that, but in this year such a tool may be difficult to come across.


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I cannot tell by the picture if it's soldered. Try removing it as suggested above first, but IFF it turns out to be soldered; get your iron hot, add a little solder and flux and hold your iron on the pin while gently pulling up on the wire with some tweezers, clamp, pliers, etc.. It should slide off fairly easily once melted. Having some extra solder and flux will make the heat transfer from your iron to the pin significantly better.


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Are they soldered or just wrapped?
Pry off the end of the wire (no insulation end) then unwrap the wire.
Ron is right. Use a sharp pointed tool to lift the end of the wire and then use either an unwrapping tool, or fine needle-nose pliers to unwrap it from the pin. Do not cut it unless you are scrapping the device, because you will need to put the wire back after the repairs are completed..