How to CRO to see the read and write bytes of eeprom?

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hi ,
I am using i2c communication protocol ,can any one tell me how to connect CRO to see the read and write bytes of eeprom .

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If you are using an analog CRO, it's almost useless, the data will smear into an un-readable mess.

For a digital scope - setup two channels: SCL and SDA, trigger on the SCL line.


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I did this recently while trying to write code to do I2C communication with a INA219 (TI voltage and current sense IC) I added a few lines of code to generate a pulse on a spare I/O pin of the microcontroller to trigger the scope just before the code that reads a byte from the device. This was using a PIC12F1840. I can post the source code if it would be any help to you.