How to connect switches to power for cooker hood

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I had a problem with a little plastic thing that got broken of my light switch for my cooker hood. Ive fixed this, but now I need to reconnect the switches to the wires. I've searched high and low for information on the switches, wiring etc but I can't figure it out. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the situation before I disconnect them, lesson learned... If anybody could tell me how to connect the wiring I would be very grateful, otherwise I'm looking at a 100$+ replacement part. Thanks in advance for looking!

The hood is a Whirlpool hoo c00 s, and the module serial number is 481245310385, if that is any help.

These are the switches. The brown one is the light switch, the black is for the fans. I can't find any info online on how to connect them unfortunately.


This is the wiring:

The lamps are separate, if that makes sense?


And these are all the other wires: brown, white, red & blue, black, and blue.



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The Black switch has 3 positions, Off, fan speed 1, speed 2.

The Brown switch is just on off, Blues are Neutral, Brown are Live, i would guess that Red is fan speed 1 and White speed 2,.( Or other way round.) Black Neutral.

It's just connectig the Browns together with the light switch, and the Red White with the Back switch.