How to calculate the values of DC REACTOR for current source inverter power supply?

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Hasan Farooq

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Im trying to build a full bridge inverter for induction heater.
It has a parallel resonance and power is controlled by changing phase angel of 3 phase input 380V.

I need to find what parameters are there to consider dc reactor values and how shall i put a suitable dc reactor ( iron cored ) in my system.

Im designing 100kw induction heater which has a resonance frequency of 2khz and i want a dc reactor in between SCR controlled rectifier and IGBT based inverter.

Please help me to find the dc reactor values.


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Please post a schematic diagram of what you are planning to do_Once the circuit and operating conditions are uderstood we should be able to make suggestions. Until then we would only be playing a guessing game.

Is it something like this (below)?

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Hasan Farooq

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Hello sir.
The circuit is just like this one.
We are using parallel resonance bank for the induction heater.
this one is for 300KW system and it has resonance frequency on full load is 2khz .
I need to find that how one can measure the dc reactor values ?
Like this one have 2.5mH on one pole.
Total for the complete circuit it is 5mH.