How to calculate energy/power in Spice ? .. #2

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Run the sim, use the Thermometer cursor as explained to get the power, place the cursor on the plot screen label at the top of the plot, press and hold down the CTRL key and left click, should see a pop up showing the Avg etc....

Hello Sir,
I am facing a similar problem but in my case i'm trying to calculate power of an adiabatic circuit, but i am getting trouble how to calculate the total power consumed by the circuit, I'm attaching my file so kindly go through it.

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hi VB.
I do not have the include, so to show how to plot the Power I have used Generic MOS.

Add the Vs label using F4.
Run the sim and click on the plot window
Use 'Add a Trace', refer the images
Run the sim
Place the Cursor on the Vs*(I(v3) plot label
Press Ctrl key and Left click, shows power.