How to build a DM motor variable speed, AC->DC setup

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Hi, So I have a treadmill motor, but I'm not getting enough power from it. It's 1300W but my controller board is only 1000W. It seems most TM controller boards are fairly low wattage. So I'm looking at putting together the parts I need.
From what I can tell, I can get a pretty nice speed control for fairly cheap. But they take dc input in various ranges. So I'd need an ac->dc power supply/converter.
For instance here is speed control take 10-55V in and is rated at 40A continuous 60A max. And it's only $15. But I can't really find proper power supplies. I don't think I'm searching for the right terms.
Here is an all in one 120v in 90-130VDC up to 4HP. it's not so cheap and it's not very nice looking. I would almost rather build my own.
If anyone can advise me on if I should build my own, or just get the all in on and if I build my own, what do I need to take into account and what keywords should I use to search for the power supply, that would be great.
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Keep in mind that most personal T.M.s in N.A. are made for 120v 15a socket supply.
So they have current limitations in the design of the drive to avoid high constant O/L and breaker tripping etc.
KB Electronics make both Triac and PWM DC motor controllers of all different situations.