How Do I Design A Mod 6 Counter Without The Use Of Logic Gate?

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Design a mod-6 counter by any two MSI chips.
  • No logic gate is allowed to use

I am able to design a circuit of a mod 6 counter using a JK flip flop chips and a NAND gate. However , how can i do that without the use of logic gate?

What MSI chips should I use to achieve this result?
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I am only allowed to use 2 msi chips to implement this. By the way , does 74ls92 has a nand gate build in or???


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Would you post your attempt at the question, we can take it from there.

A 74LS92 is divide by 12 counter IC, but its split internally into two parts a divide by 2 and a divide by 6.


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Hello KaiL

It is difficult to find a MSI IC that contains no logic gates.
Besides that you can design with a MOD 6 counter.

The option, someone else is recommending You, seems good (74LS92).
It does, internally, more than a NAND gate.
Virtually all MSI IC’s have internally gates.

By the way: You have not answered the question that makes you ericgibbs in post #2. About use diodes


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My Project only allows the use of 2 MSI chips z_Z and no other components are to be used.


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I must be missing something. I believe the thread starter has had his question answered until he proves otherwise.

The requirement is somewhat vague. Is an MSI chip allowed if it is a logic chip? My interpretation is MSI chip trumps logic gate and hence can be used if it's a logic MSI chip.

I guess this is the basis for my confusion. Assuming this is true, the question has been asked answered.

Where am I wrong?