How do I crimp this?

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I have some of these sockets
How on earth do I crimp ribbon cable onto them? I have tried just forcing the cable down into jaws, using a small screwdriver, but the connection is unreliable. So I bought a crimping tool
but it's obviously not right for the task. There are hundreds of crimping tools out there, some of them incredibly expensive. How do I choose the right one? Or am I just going to have to solder?


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From the techincal document:
2.2. Wiring tools
Terminations can be made using a handtool or an applicator fitted on a press, or any other tool compliant with official standards UTEC 93-401 and UTE C 93-024.
Terminations may be made indivi-dually or simultaneously. Wires may be terminated in pairs on the twin-row connectors.
For tooling information and details, please contact Tyco Electronics(*)
KY 30 = 7 strand conductor + PVC insulation



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I only had a few of the 20g variety and made a simple tool to match the dia of the conductors insulation.
Mount the connector in a small vise.
Tap/Drive in with a small hammer..