How can I regulate 1.2v NiMH to output ~1.0v


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Additionally, like member ci139 above, I feel the TS is withholding crucial information from us. What type of motor only consumes 40 microwatts? And driving what type of load? Is this some sort of electric wristwatch movement?
Me too. I have the feelng this has nothing to do wuth a marathon run, but is some sort of competition to operate for the longest time. In which case mAh count! But I'd like to know if the NiMH is a given requirement... and what are the rules..

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Wow, thanks gentlemen. That is a lot of information and gives me quite a few options to experiment with. To answer some of your questions, yes, I am using a garden variety AAA NiMH battery. The motor is a small, lightweight pulse motor so that is why the amperage is so low. This motor is just for fun, it can't handle any load and performs no work. So, I need to order some components and make some smoke - thanks again!


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i posted a lot of fuzzy links but they won't solve the essential problem-set

  • linear regulation needs to be not low Ohmic until the \(V_{IN}\rightarrow V_{OUT}\)
    ... then the MOSFET would be a better choice but requires higher voltage to be driven
  • going swithing is likely going pulsed/interleaved switching - which defines a conflict
    • the control needs to run at low power to keep the overall efficiency up
    • but the switching is only efficient if it's fast (requires concentrated energy)
  • the 40µA TARGET is low enough to make the whole design challenging

it's a whole head-ache from the start to the end to pick/spot the right options (the combination of)

  • more trivia
  • the battery has the greatest mAh capacity at low drain
  • the battery has the least mAh capacity at high drain
  • the battery recovers relatively . . . slow from instant pulse drain
    so everything hi-energy density events need to get their energy slowly "pre-buffered"
  • . . .
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