How can i make a digital clock using mod-3 counter, mod-6, mod-10 counter?


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The main idea behind any Mod N counter is that you get the flip flops to toggle in tandem and when you get to a count of N you reset all the counters. That means you have to detect the count of N with gates and inverters.

For the seconds you of course need one 6 and one 10, and same for minutes, for hours military time you need 24 which could be made a few different ways. You then just figure out how each section 'carries' into the next section, and each section has it's own gate and inverters to detect the N value to reset at.

This is a bit of work if you've never did anything like this before, so see if this helps. If not, post some of your own work and thoughts. We cant do the entire project for you this is the homework section we just give hints.


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but i have to make a mod-24 counter(3, 10), mod-60 counter(6, 10) using a flip-flop
What type of flip flop are you supposed to use? Is the counter supposed to be synchronous?

What have you been studying in this class? Could you post the full text of the problem?