How can I implement a 4-bit comparator with a unilateral iterative circuit?

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1. I want to implement the following 1-bit comparator circuit in Logisim as a 4-bit comparator via a unilateral iterative circuit.
I tried creating a 2-bit comparator in logosim first, but that didn't work either. How can I fix the problem? Please Help me.

2. I want to create a code translator to Logisim using ROM and D flip-flops.
The truth table is shown in the figure below, and I want to make the address input and output of the ROM 4-bit and use a splitter to separate the 4-bit signal by 1 bit and connect it to the flip flop. Also, I need to write data to the ROM according to the truth table, but I have no idea about this part.

If anyone could make this a Logisim circuit, I would really, really appreciate it.