How can I connect a 2-pin Sabre connector to a DC battery?

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A little background in case it helps: I have a ClearPath servo motor which requires a power supply of 24-75 VDC. I bought the DC power cable that the site sells for these motors in which one end connects to the motor itself (4-pin Molex Mini-fit) and the other end connects to your DC power supply (2-pin Sabre). Here's a screen shot of the connectors:1580970067388.png
and here's a diagram on the site showing the connections:
Any suggestions?
Hi Devon,

I am an applications engineer at Teknic and found your ClearPath question on this site.

The diagram below from page 172 of the ClearPath User Manual (available in the Download section of Teknic’s website: shows the pin-out for the Sabre connector on the power supply side of the CPM-CABLE-PWR-MS120 DC power cable. Connect the wire for pin 1 (Red wire, V+) to the positive terminal on your battery and the wire for pin 2 (Black, Gnd) to the negative terminal on your battery.

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Tom T. – Teknic Servo Systems Engineer