hose bib switch

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hello all !

I am in the process of making a lamp, steam punk art,

what I would like to do is use the valve to turn the lamp on/off
is their a switch, that the handle when screwed in, can press to turn on

then when unscrewed turn off? thanks for your time ! 8E6B0A73-141D-4040-AE76-775154154729.jpg


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Is it a stop valve or a gate valve..
You "might" be able to get a microswitch in there thats arm is triggered by the in/out movement of the valve stem..
It would be really tight though and I have no idea how you would get it mechanically mounted in such a small area reliably.


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Use a bigger valve for more room. I would think about using a reed switch with a magnet attached in place of or in addition to the washer on the valve. Round magnets are available with a hole in the center for the screw.


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If you get the apart you will see a round disk moving to close or open the pipe depending on rotation direction valve knob.
Remove the disk and replace it with a micro switch or mount it out site when more space is needed.