horsepower per dollar


Joined Mar 19, 2019
I have the 60MHz one and it works very well. However, the case is plastic and ~95% empty. Powered by a 5VDC wall wart so it is ungrounded. It is also a noise source even when turned off in the 200-300kHz range. Feeding it directly into the scope with coax is on the money for accuracy. What I did have a problem with is mixing one sine freq with a second modulation mode signal. It has no internal ability to mix the outputs and tying the outputs together with a Tee didn't work but that could be operator error. I got the wild idea of using it as a limited AC power source and that also did not work out. Psssst... They are much cheaper if you cut out Amazon as the middleman and buy direct from china. Mine is branded Cleqee but they are all made in the same factory apparently and branded as whatever the vendor wants.