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Robert Wagner

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Hi, I am building horse feeders.
I want 6 food shelves. I want to program the drop mechanism to anytime like every 4 hours. Which would cover an entire days feeding.
But I want the switch to only have power for a short period of time so as Not to burn out the release mechanism. Do you have anything that might work for me? Or any ideas to help me?
Requirements: 12vdc, 6 independent relay switch positions, 24hr programmable timer, very short activation times.
I have made two so far (3 food shelf system) using: I welded a steel frame to support everything and hang on a wall and a drop chute to go to the opposite side of the wall, a 12vdc programmable switch with 3 independent switches, 12vdc battery with a 120ac charger, the food shelf is recycled street signs on spring loaded hinges.
My release mechanisms are 12vdc car door actuators. The 12vdc programmable shitch has a minimum activation of one minute, which sometimes burns out the car door actuator.
So I am looking for a 6 switch system, with a shorter activation time. or a way to break the electrical signal once the shelf drops.
I have photos of my project if anyone wants to see it.
Thanks for the help,
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You could put a current limiter, or resistor of half the coil value in Series with the door solenoids, with a 1000uF cap in parallel with the limiter, so the solenoid will activate then as the cap charges up the current is limited, this will prevent burnout.


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An all mechanical approach is to wire a microswitch operated by shelf, in series with the latch.
The microswitch NO contacts open when the shelf drops, removing the power to the latch.
Make sure there is a diode across the latch coil (cathode to positive side) to minimize arcing of the contacts.


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How fancy do you want to get? I can give you a circuit for an electronic timer to activate 1 of 6 (or 60) relays sequentially, for a few seconds each; or you could get a geared 1 rev/day motor (they're cheap and available at 12 volts), mount a wheel with a notch and a string of micro switches around the periphery to activate the gates sequentially, and another on each gate per Crutschow... . . .