Hooking up AVR


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lol i just realized how crap the diagram turned out

the VCC is suppose to be further to the left, and the node to the right of the resistor is connected to the pin and to one side of the switch...
(another aside question, when using an external crysal/resonator, are capacitors required ? how do crystals/resonators work anyway ? )
nanovate provided answers to these questions for you.
in your previous post on the motor.... I didn't undersatnd much of what you said :S (half stepping and holding torque etc..), is there a good website or something which i could read on steppers ?

Thanks alot for your help.. and YES I AM HAVING A BLAST :D
There are a number of websites containing tutorial information on stepper motors. I liked this one for its animation. Scroll down the page to find the unipolar motor animation.