HoneyWell Thermostat programming/memory

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Hello my friends. I have a regular "Honeywell Home RTH2300B 5-2 Day Programmable Thermostat" that is sold here....

It can be programmed for Time period 'A' which is Mon thru Fri and Time period 'B' which is Sat and Sun ( It is called a 5-2 programmable thermostat). We can program 5 days in one shot and 2 more days in the second shot.

This is the question my friends.

We live in 2022 where even 8GB of data can be placed on a system that is 1/4 inch X 1/4 inch in area. The company can easily offer a thermostat where people can program in for 1000s of different time periods per day.
The company can make a thermostats where we can program the thermostat to go ON at 6:04AM and OFF at 6:38AM. Then we can make the thermostat go ON at 6:44AM and OFF at 6:58AM. Then we can make the thermostat go ON at 7:02AM and OFF at 7:09AM. You get the point.
What I am saying is that even with memory technology that is 10 years old, they can make thermostats that can have 1000s of programmable time periods instead of just 2 options; all of it while the real estate on the board is minimally used.

So why don't these thermostat companies offer features where people can program multiple time periods in one day? It just takes using a different chip most likely for the same price.

Seems like these thermostats probably have only 128 bytes of data in order to remember the user programmed time periods.

Thank you for the answers my friends.


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It can become rather tedious to program multiple time periods through a keypad interface., so I think that may be why they limit it.
A possible cure, if you want to program multiple times for each day, is to use a WiFi thermostat which has an App to control and program it from your smart-phone.


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The reason is that most folks will not want hat many intervals, and, as mentioned, the programming IS tedious, because the number of intervals is fixed, so all must be programmed.
AND it is a consumer device operated by all kinds of folks.
and those with more programmable times sell for more even now.
MOST IMPORTANT: It IS all about the money!!!