Honeywell APS00A Amplifier

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  1. royourboat

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    Apr 15, 2010
    Anyone got any idea how I might determine the pin diagram of the amplifier APS00A that is designed to be matched to APS00B magnetoresistive sensor. Believe it or not you can a buy the IC and there is no datasheet for it. Honeywell hasn't got back to me yet.

    The APS00A is just an optimised dual instrumentation apmlifier for use with the APS00B, as its operable with 5V only its convenient for my sensor project. It is referenced in APS00B sensor datasheet but does not give any hint as to what the pin diagram might be! I tried:

    Pin 1 = B+in
    Pin 2 = A+in
    Pin 3 = One of the outputs A or B
    Pin 4 = Vs
    Pin 5 = B-in
    Pin 6 = A-in
    Pin 7 = One of the outputs A or B
    Pin 8 = GND

    Which is a solid guess as to what it might be as it is the same APS00B but doesn't work!

    I also tried rotating 180deg with the above pin/locations.

    Does anyone know how I could deduce the any of the pins of an instrumentation amplifier like this?
  2. MrChips


    Oct 2, 2009
    Most dual opamps have the following pinouts:

    Pin 1 = out 1
    Pin 2 = -in1
    Pin 3 = +in1
    Pin 4 = -Vs
    Pin 5 = +in2
    Pin 6 = -in2
    Pin 7 = out2
    pin 8 = +Vs
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    Apr 15, 2010
    Thanks Mr Chips, didn't work though.

    I am powering the APS00A instrumentation amplifier with 5V/GND (this is the reason I need this chip to work for me). I tried 5V/-5V but not working.

    I managed to get a setup that worked, but wasn't quite what I expected.

    Pin 1 = disconnected
    Pin 2 = A+in
    Pin 3 = disconnected
    Pin 4 = 5V
    Pin 5 = Aout
    Pin 6 = A-in
    Pin 7 = disconnected
    Pin 8 = GND

    Gain was 110mVpp (sensor output) to 500mVpp amplifier output, so about 5. Sounds great! except if I connected anything to pins 1,3,7 it stopped working. So I couldn't get the B channel to work with it simultaneously.

    Any more ideas?