Home brew 0-32VDC Power Supply


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1) The 2N3772 is certainly a beefier transistor than the 2N3055, but note the darlington driver and compare with my reservations about the BD140 driver in the earlier post.

2) Note the substantial cooling arrangements.

3) I liked the 'plastic pot of spares placed inside the case', though one then wonders about the author's confidence.

4) This supply is earthed at the negative terminal. You cannot use it as a floating supply as implemented.

5) Sorry Bertus but I didn't see control all the way down to zero.

Voltage Output in 'Low' setting is variable from 0.7 - 6 volts (more later why the 0.7V), in the 'High' setting the voltage is variable from 3 - 30 volts. Current is adjustable in the 'Low' position from 0 - 1 amp and in the 'High' setting from 1 to 10 amps.

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Now that you have begun to appreciate the difficulties of a high power supply would be a good time to review your requirements.

What voltage and current do you actually want?

Why do you need this? What sort of project is it?

Members seeking power supply designs post frequently here and if you do a forum search you will be able to read their experiences.

If you really need a supply capable of supplying 0 - 32 volts, without range switching , at 5 amps you must expext a design that looks like a small heater.

I would not recommend running voltage regulators in parallel. A bypass transistor is a much better option.
First of all its my course project secondly no matter if i attain 0volts but yeah at 32 volts i would need to show 4.5 amp as the output so its just buzzing me mind to get 5amp.
And regarding your post about bypass transistor like how will it work won't that generate much heat?