High Frequency Full Wave Rectifier

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Simardeep Singh

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Good afternoon,

I am assigned a simple project for my course and I would appreciate some guidance in what steps should I take.

The task is to design a precision full wave rectifier, where the input is a sine wave with a frequency range of 1kHz to 1MHz also with an amplitude of 500mV and 5V. The distortion in output waveform should be minimal.

Currently, I am doing research on designs from different manufacturers and a lot of them depend of low frequency range. If anyone can help a junior out, I would appreciate it.

Thank you


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A very short search of vendor sites shows that there are plenty of op-amps fast enough to do this job.:)
The first one I found costs $108, but that was a very low quality search I did.:oops:
More time spent searching should surely find a better price.;)


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Somewhere on the web there's a neat precision full wave rectifier that uses 2 single supply opamps and no diodes. Designed by a couple Spanish students IIRC...

I'd post a schematic, but this is homework.:rolleyes:
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