Hi, I need help with my homework on circuit diagrams!

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So I have to create a circuit diagram for a power supply for homework. I spent a whole week (quite literally) trying to find a solution to this question but i just can't hence I'm on here.

You might not believe me but my teacher hasn't really enlightened us on things like rectifier, transformers etc and expects our class to draw a circuit diagram.

Anyways here is the question.

The circuit diagram for the power supply must include these components:
1. A fuse
2. A transformer
3. A rectifier (two diodes only)
4. A reservoir capacitor
5. An rc filter
6. A ballast resistor
7. A stabilizer

Here is my attempt


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When there is an excessive current the fuse melts so that it stops current flow?

I have 0 clue either lmao

Yes, so where would you put a fuse so that it protects the whole circuit in case of an overload.

I guess they want an RC filter on the output?
I guess the stabilizer is a voltage regulator.