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Hey I would love to help with the next electrical circuit design.

I need to design a circuit that receives a 5-volt pulse of 1 micron second and emits 8 pulses at 40kHz. In addition, eight LEDs should be illuminated to indicate the pulse number transmitted. If D1-D8 are the eight diodes, only D1 should be lit when the first pulse is broadcast. The D1, D2 when two were aired and so on.

I can use the following components: 5-volt square clock with 40kHz frequency (duty cycle-50%). Beyond that, I got a hint that I should use a transistor switch as part of the realization of the circuit. I have a single 5 V supply, LM324 server amplifiers that can also be used as comparators, transistors such as 2N2222, coil capacitors and logic gates as much as I want. ICs like timer or counter must not be used. I'd love for ideas! Thank you!

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Welcome to AAC!

Is this project school work?

Your posts will be easier to read if you use paragraphs to organize your thoughts. Block diagrams and/or schematics would be easier to comprehend than a wall of text.