help with spdt stomp switch pinouts

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I’m needing to replace an old carling SPDT stomp switch in a guitar pedal with one in a different package and i’m having trouble discerning the pinout between the two. My lack of knowledge into knowing what it could be based off whats going back to the circuit board doesn’t help either. Could someone tell me if my assumption is correct based off the diagram below and if i’m wrong, could point me in the right direction as to whats what (a carling spdt datasheet would be a huge help as I can't seem to find one anywhere.) huge thanks in advance.



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Looks like on the original switch, 1.a is the common terminal; when 2.a is selected the signal goes straight through the pedal, when 3.a is selected the signal is modified by the pedal.

Without a part number so that I can look at a datasheet, I'd guess that 1.b is the common on the new switch, and that when you press the switch it either alternates between 2.b and 3.b, or momentarily changes from one to the other.

Failing that, I'd say that JohnInTX has found a great replacement for you with the P-H492.