Help with soldering circuits.

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I'd like some suggestions for soldering. I need magnifying glass to solder but i cant wear binocular glasses or any other similar thing because i already wear glasses. If you use any other type of magnifying glass feel free to suggest me or redirect me to the products page.

I apologize for any mistakes in spelling but i dont speak native english :).
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You could use a DIY cam type microscope
I've tried that. Personally I prefer to look directly at what I'm working on. But I suppose with practice you can get good at using digital camera type microscopes.

If I can solder with just my reading glasses - so be it. If I need a little magnification I have a 3X ring lamp. On numerous jobs I've used Stereo Zoom scopes (7X to 40X). Smallest device I've ever soldered was a 0.005" thick, 0.060" wide, 0.500" long spring wire. It was soldered atop a post, looped over and soldered to the opposing post. This was on a micro-mini gyro used on missiles as guidance aids. Aside from that the smallest component was a 0402 resistor. Hundreds of them. Done under a microscope and two irons. One in each hand.

If you are working with something that small, a good pair of glasses such as what LesTraveled suggested will work well enough IF you have decent eye sight. Even wearing glasses you can still do top quality work. But if you need more magnification and you have the extra cash then go for a Stereo Zoom Scope. Don't waste your time or money on a single ocular scope, you need the depth of field in order to solder well.


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I buy cheap drugstore reading glasses and prop them in front of my real glasses. An extra X2 or X3 magnification and a much shorter focal length gets me up close and personal with the solder.