Help with reading UPS drawing

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Hello, everybody, this is my first post.

I would like to ask for help with analysing drawing of a certain UPS. This UPS converts 3-phase 440VAC to 48VDC.

It would mean a world to me if someone could try to explain what they see in this drawing. I get stuck really quickly.

All I see is the Mains power going to Transformer TP and after that to some thyristor block??? I suppose capacitors CF1 and CF2 and inductors LF1 and LF2 should smooth the dc voltage….i don’t know…

I mean, I understand that 440VAC needs to be stepped down to some voltage and rectified to DC and then somehow the batteries need to be charged. But if someone could tell me in greater details what is going on on this drawing, I would really be suuuuuper happy.

For example:

1. What is the purpose of capacitors C1, C2, C3?

2. How are the batteries charged?

3. What is the purpose of TS (serial regulator)?

4. What is the purpose of PL (Pilot board)?

I have so many questions, but I would be more than happy if someone could answer only these for the beginning. You can check out the drawing and markings below. Many thanks for any help!!