Help with my tesla coil circuit

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Hello. I have a made a tesla coil for many different reasons. I tried running it once and it didn't work. I am pretty sure I built the correctly but if i didn't i can adjust the formulas my self and eventually get it working. The problem is that I double checked some schematics on the internet and i keep seeing examples of tesla coil schematics all over the place that are totally different than the way i wired it up. I have an AC 15000 volt transformer , a capacitor bank composed of 13 * .33 uF capacitors and a rotary spark gap and a tesla coil that i didn't include. I attached an image of how i wired it up. I also included two images that i found on the internet of a tesla coil circuit these are the most common diagrams of what i want to do . The first two diagrams are the most common ones on the internet of what i want to do. The last two images are showing my circuit. They are different. When i try to use the circuit of either of the first two images, i will blow a fuse. So they don't work at all. Either a whole lot of people on the internet are drawing bad circuit diagrams or i am missing something. Please give me some advice thanks.