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Tariq Sabri

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Hello everyone...I just got this assignment and I need to solve it with sequantial circuits...What are the things I need using Multism ofcourseScreenshot_20200508-020714_Drive.png


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The first thing you need is to start making an attempt to solve your assignment. We can't help much until you have something to show for us to help with.

You might start by breaking the problem down into functional blocks and then writing out a specification for each block.

One thing that strikes me as odd in the problem description. The lock is supposed to open if they enter the correct 6-bit password. Presumably the password is entered via that DATA line (it doesn't actually state that, so that is an assumption). But after the password is accepted, the LOCK is supposed to be 1 as long as the value on the DATA line is a 1. But what if the password ends in a 0?

Also, the names used go against normal convention. If a signal is a 1, that generally means that the action associated with the name is TRUE, so if LOCK is 1, that would normally be taken to mean that the valuables are locked. But since they have defined the behavior, you have to comply with it. Just be aware that the convention is there for a reason, so be sure not to let yourself fall into the trap of thinking that if LOCK is TRUE that the thing is LOCKED (it will be very easy for you to fall into that trap).