help with a super sized voice coil,back to the future size!

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im trying to create a magnetohydrodynamic motor.ive already got a 600kv van de graaf generator to ionize the air.
now im trying to create a magnetic coil to aid in this.i have high silicone sheet steel ,five inch wide,~16th thick.10ft long,rolled into a fourty inch circumference.wrapped with packing tape to hold form.i have a brand new 2500watt car amp.i have a brand new box of one pound spools of 200c° remington magnetic wire,32awg-22awg,five pack.
i may be totally off but i think i need 166coils with each coil being 32awg/24foot long.4wraps per coil.i plan to use a function generator app to run a saw tooth signal to a blutooth dot,from dot to amp.i can then increase or decrease the frequency by the app.i need help designing the magnetic voice coil/solenoid.thankyou for your help.