HELP - Transformer with 3 single phase load and a connected capacitor

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    Three single phase load: L1: 10KW, 0.8 pf, lagging; L2: 15KVA, 0.7pf, lagging; L3: 20kw, 0.6pf, lagging; are supplied through a 2400kv feeder whose impedance is 115+1.2j and 2400kv:240v transformer whose data were obtained from the following:

    test: voltage current power
    with high voltage winding open circuited 240V 1.066A 126.6W
    with low voltage terminals short-circuited 57.5V 8.34A 284W

    A capacitor whose impedance is -5j is also connected across the load. The voltage is maintained at 240v across the load.
    Find: a) the sending end voltage using summation of voltage and summation of power.
    b) the efficiency and voltage regulation of the transformer

    ----------------------------------------------------------------end of the problem
    What would be the effect of the capacitor in the analysis of the circuit? would it be considered as normal impedance or what?
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    I think it would help if you created a schematic of your setup. This would help others understand your question better.