Help to simulate differents connections transformer

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I need to simulate differents connections of a three phase transformer like differential delta, fork and polygon, but I don't know how to do it. I use Psim and there is a couple of examples with delta-wye transformers, but how can I generate a simulation with this kind of windings connection?


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i guess it's easier than what i attempted -- was a 6 coil toroid with "odd" coils as prmary 3-phase inp and "even" 1-s as 2-dary 3ph outp. -- i tested the (MHz frequency) circuit -- worked as expected ← vector-sums the nearby magnetic fields into the coil in between -- but by adding the additional 6 or 12 coils to simulation it did simulate close to that . . . i guess
3-ph_Flasher_(R).png 3-ph_Flasher_Mod.gif ... so it's 12
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