Help to build a pure sine wave inverter

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Kushimo Amosun Nurudeen

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Dear all ,

Please am new to this group but am in search how to build a pure sine wave inverter from 1KVA upward if any can help me in term of the Ebook require to make me accomplish my aim i will be appreciated

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Building a MSW (Modified Sine Wave) inverter, building even a low power pure sine wave inverter is even more of a challenge. I believe you will find the general consensus with inverters is to buy rather than build and that being from a parts count cost view as well as a design complexity view. You also do not mention the voltage as while 1 KVA at 220 volts is not the same as 1 KVA at 120 volts. Regardless it is easier to buy than build.



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That is not a trivial design.
What will be the inverter input power?
Note that for 1Kw output, 12V input current will be around 100A.


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I have done a lot of switch mode power supply design and I would consider what you want to be a big project that could easily take many weeks of design, prototyping and testing work. If you don't have experience with switchers and power electronics it would be a very very steep learning curve.


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I agree with the above.
My electronics experience goes back to the valve (tube) days, and all the way forward to surface mount micros.
But to make what you are after from scratch, I would not attempt. It is not a simple or trivial thing to do. And nowadays, you will be able to buy one better and cheaper than you can build it.


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I have purchased one of these, a year or more ago, to try them out sometime, but never got around to it. They do look interesting.
As I have a number of dead UPS units, they were going to supply the rest of the parts.