Help testing a step down transformer

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I'm troubleshooting a circuit that has a step down AC transformer and I'm confused about the voltages I'm reading in the secondaries.

The specs are:
INPUT: 110V AC 50Hz/60Hz
OUTPUT: Yellow 15.5V / Black 9.5V

When I measure the outputs with the secondaries disconnected from the circuit I get around 16V in the yellow and 10V in the black, which is good. But when I measure with them connected to the circuit I get 4.4V in the yellow and 7.6V in the black.

Aren't the outputs supposed remain the same no matter if the secondaries are connected to the circuit or not?

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There is always some drop under load due to the transformer's winding resistances, but that should be no more than about 10% under load.
Sounds like your circuit is overloading the transformer and will likely burn it out if left connected.


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Certainly it does appear that the load current is excessive. So the first thing to do, presuming that the transformer feeds rectifiers, is, with the power off, do a resistance check on the rectifier diodes. Beyond that the next thing would be to examine the circuit that you are checking. If you have a complaint about a specific symptom that will usually point in the direction of what to check next.