Help: Subwoofer/Amplifier - Need to recreate PCB with components

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Hello and thanks for helping, it’s my first time posting here! I recently decided I wanted to flush mount the remote control gain knob (Pot) from my Subwoofer/Amp combo (Rockford Fosgate P300-10 “Punch”).
I removed the PCB/Knob from its housing and due to me not wanting to cut into the original dash/console area’s panel to squeeze the knob through, I decided to completely dismantle the PCB.

after messing up the solder pads beyond repair that the old B203/B20K Dual (Stereo) potentiometer was hooked to and thus being unable to solder the new one that arrived today properly.. I decided to just rebuild the small circuit on a new Solderable Perf Board / Prototyping PCB.

here are photos of the PCB front and back:FB5261EC-3ACE-4989-B7E8-3F9B5AC92EB0.jpeg5160A5D0-2CDE-40D1-85BA-B6F6F0436A5D.jpeg
So yeah.. at the top (narrow part), attaches a 3 pin TRS 3.5mm aux input (from sub to this thing). The R1 resistor I believe is 510 ohms, and then the dual 20k potmeter on bottom.

can someone help me build a new one or perhaps sketch up a diagram I could use? Lol. I’m a bit new to pots and especially dual pots, so.. any help would be so great! Here’s the original, before completely tearing it apart lol (potmeter knob is off though)
to be honest I’m just not sure where to put what! It almost looks like some stuff isn’t used but I want to be sure..

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Guys I think I got it figured out but if anyone wants to clarify and or verify what I have here, please chime in!



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It looks good to me. The shell is just used as a ground for shielding with the large copper-pour and would connect to your potentiometer's metal housing (like in a guitar) - unless this whole thing goes into a (grounded) metal box. Then you don't want a ground-loop so you'd leave the pot housing isolated. I had drawn this sch to figure it out. You can repair or clone the board. I see a 3.5mm stereo jack, potentiometer and a resistor.
The hard part is the board outline measurements and the parts, like the (standard) 9mm potentiometer come in many different shaft lengths and configurations. The 3.5mm jacks come in different heights. Did the potentiometer have a switch, like pull-out?
Once you know the parts, you can make the pc board footprints and do the board layout. Although this is not really even needing a pc board because it's only three components, so point-point wiring can work too.

Rockford Fosgate Direct Remote sch.JPG