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    Nov 12, 2014
    Hail! Greetings all.

    I am a EE student working on an inverter project. To keep things simple, I am planning to build the following inverter design using an Arduino to switch the H-bridge:

    Before building the project physically, I want to simulate it in PSPICE and play around with it. For that purpose, I attempted to create the above inverter in PSPICE using stock PSPICE library components. The circuit I built is pictured below (note the transformer has been intentionally removed):


    The problem is that PSPICE won't let me simulate the circuit. All of the simulation toolbar options are ghosted out so that I cannot click on them. I am using ORCAD Capture CIS Lite v 16-5-13N to create and simulate. Do any of you have any guesses as to what the problem could be?
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    Jun 8, 2013

    I don't know much about Orcad...but on your schematic... is ground connected?

  3. crutschow


    Mar 14, 2008
    You need to add a resistor in series with the inputs to U1 and U2 to limit the input diode current.
    Also you need to limit the gate voltage to the MOSFETs. 24V is likely greater then their maximum gate-source rating.
    That circuit will also exhibit large shoot-through conduction currents during the switching time. You need to add some delay between the turn-on of the top MOSFETs and the turning-off of the bottom MOSFETs.