Help repairing rowing machine display

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Hi, first post, please be gentle. I have an old rowing machine which has been stored outside in a shed and unfortunately the LCD console has been exposed to the damp. The main victim of this has been the battery carrier, which has rusted away at one end. The other is a small cylindrical ceramic component (about 10mm long by 3mm diameter) whose markings have been completely removed and whose legs have rusted away. On the board it's labelled CRT, with one leg shown solid and the other dashed, like this:

Can someone tell me what this is likely to be, please? (diode?). The board is powered by one AA battery so I guess very low voltages involved. Since there are no markings on it, can someone recommend a suitable replacement? I'm hoping if I replace these two things I will get some life out of the display, but there may be capacitors to replace as well. Unfortunately spare boards don't seem easy to come by, so buying a whole new one, while easier, doesn't look possible just now.