help please what wire goes where

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hello I have this motor I have found and decided to make a bench grinder from it just don't know how to wire it up could you help 2 white 1 blue 1 brown yellow with green stripe and 2 blacks going to the capacitor


Imperative that you measure the resistance between all wires, so you can see how many windings and how they are connected inside. Some have a starter winding with a capacitor, some are DC, it could even be a stepper motor for all i know...


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If there is a data plate on the motor you might google for some help, otherwise it's hard to say. Possibly there are some standardized colors.
Google could be your friend here too -- try something like "AC motor wire colors" -- maybe you'll get lucky.
Be aware that many AC motors require a special capacitor to get them started.



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If it is an induction motor, it could be 4 pole, which in that case would be a poor choice for a bench grinder due to the lower rpm, 2 pole are traditionally used.