Help me understand this circuit.

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I am new to circuits. I took one circuits class and enjoyed it and now im trying to mess around on my own. I got this from a toy and it plays a noise whenever its pressed. I was wondering if there would be a way to record my own noises and make it play them. I dont know what many of the things are or what they mean. It looks like theres an op amp at the top.



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The low priced sound greeting cards have prerecorded audio.
You can buy off the internet record and playback sound circuits for customized recordings.


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The sound sample will be recorded into a memory inside the chip. You might be able to re-programme it, but it would take equipment, PC based software and learning a new programming language. Normally the manufacturers lock the chip so they cannot be reprogrammed or modified. I know it's not the same as hacking it, but if you search e.g ebay or amazon etc for "push button sound recorder device" there are alternatives out there that will record 30sec or so audio.

If you fancy learning how to hack these chips, you might want to learn about arduinos. It uses a similar code language and you can buy many add-ons and modules at low cost. I made a sound board with a microSD card and mp3 samples on it. The arduino then tells the board which tracks to play. Very fun, but i started by learning how to make 1 LED flash..

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He said it makes "a noise" so maybe it is a simple audio amp oscillator that produces a beeeep. He did not say it produces recorded speech or music.