Help me identify this part


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What is it, and what makes you think there is an equivalent?
Standard transistors are disappearing rapidly, and those with bias resistors are even scarcer. IMHO you're probably not going to find anything unless you go to the gray market.


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Thanks for your replies, my local supplier doesn't have dtc115, is there a equivalent?
According to AlbertHalls link, this might be a:

"NPN 100mA 50V Digital Transistors"

So if you read the datasheet for this transistor, you know what you are looking for in a equivalent device.


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A DTC is a digital transistor which is most often used as a switch (obviously). The main difference from a standard transistor is that the output more closely resembles a square wave rather than a slope for switching purposes. These will provide a steeper transition from "off" to "on" if you will.

The DTC 114, and DTC 115 are/were very common and are available at Digikey for one supplier example.