Help identifying this microcontroller

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Hi everyone,

I believe this is my first post here, so my apologies if this is a complete noob question. I am trying to identify in the IC in the attached image, but part of the marking is obscured so google isn't returning me anything. The manufacturer's logo is partially there, but I do not recognise it. Can anybody help? It is out of a cheap Chinese car stereo.



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Good picture!
There doesn't look to be anything important missing from the I.C.
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It might be a custom chip. If that is the case, there may not be ANY publicly available information. In my experience Chinese companies are not known for transparency.
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It is out of a cheap Chinese car stereo.
The point of a microcontroller is that they are programmed for the specific application. So, in addition to finding the right microcontroller to mate up to the copper traces on the board, you'll need the code and a method to upload the code to the chip. Time for a new car stereo.

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MrSalts I've read your footer over and over now and cannot help but quietly laugh to myself whilst having no idea what it means

Thanks for taking a look at this. To be clear, there's nothing wrong with the stereo, it's brand new and bought to be taken to pieces. In a nut shell I want to just keep the power and amplifier circuits and hook a raspberry pi to the AUX input to make a car computer. Ideally I'd like to know what IC this is so that I can see what communication ports and protocols it supports, to see if I can get the raspberry pi to communicate with it, switch it to AUX mode and send it signals to control the volume.

I have however just found the datasheet for and IC used on the LCD display and it looks that talks to this IC using I2C, and it has an IR remote, so I've hooked onto the data line for that to be able to replicate signals to control the volume using that interface.