Help for 3 phase inverter project to change 24V DC to 120V AC

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Hi all

I'm trying to design a 3 phase inverter to change 24V DC to 120V AC and wondering how should i start
this is my first project so it will be great if someone can help me out



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You want to *design* a converter from 24 Vdc to 120 V ac, 3 phase? I would not recommend such a project to a beginner.


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You should start by detailing your requirements; output power, regulation, harmonic distortion, etc. After that, try making a single phase converter and get that working before bothering with a full three phase converter.


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You need to define your requirements but, in any case, this is definitely not a project for beginners.

A 3 phase power supply is going to be something handling serious power capable of running motors and other big loads.

Your household inverter has a FET H bridge but for inductive loads you are going to have to seriously redesign it for inductive loads.

Then you will need to have three separate inverters with a single control unit which switches them 120º apart.

Plus protections, etc.