Help finding HP 85876B or 85869pc EMI Measurement Software

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I have a spectrum analyzer setup consisting of the 8568b spectrum analyzer, 85650a quasi peak detector, 85685a rf preselector. I'm looking at getting into emc/emi measurments, and for this I will need a pc software to control this setup. Looking online, I have found the 85876B & 85869pc EMI Measurement Software, which I assume is what I need. However, there is the small (lol) issue of the hardware key, which I don't have and isn't for sale anywhere. I can download the latest version of the software from keysights website. Does anyone know how these old parallel port hp hardware keys worked (could I create a counterfit?), or if there is a way to bypass this? Since this software is no longer supported I don't feel too bad about attempting to pirate it, or finding a genuine key for a reasonable price. I can't even find a manual for 85876B software, so if someone knows where that's available that would also be helpfull.

From my research there appears to be three compatable software packages. If there are other solutions available please let me know.
-85878a (I don't think this one interfaces to the instrument?)

I hope my question is clear. Any help is appreciated. Please ask for any clarifications if I wasn't clear.