Help finding an electrical/electronic simulation software package that is NOT free

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I am open to buying software, however I am looking for something that saves me time by being intuitive and component aware.
I would like to find a package that has a database of components and allows me to, fore example, select an npn transistor based on a parametric search.

if the software used a digi-key/mouser/someone else to have a price point in that parametric search that would be a huge plus.
I want to simulate several different types of circuits and some of them are 3 phase line power.

So not just transistors but also 3ph delta-wye transformers, ect. I am more familiar with electrician work, but I am not an electrician.
I see so much for free software that requires hours and hours of learning and importing models.
I am working with LT spice right now, but I would love to buy a software solution that was more helpful when it comes to picking the widgit so that I can buy it when I am done simulating.
It should also have the physical model and pin out of the widgit so after simulation I can go to make a PCB. I have an etching machine in the office we use to make plastic tags that I hope to use for making PCBs.
I am not in love with the web based solutions that I tried, I think I would prefer something installed on my desktop that might link to the web to update models/software.
Any suggestions or thoughts?
If it would simulate arduinos or other micro controllers along with transistors that would be great.
thank you for your time and have a good day.


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I think you might wait a long time for an answer. Most of us gravitate to solutions that offer the best bang for the buck. Too often commercial products fail to deliver on their promises. So with a free package we are not out big bucks if it fails to deliver. I doubt you'll find a more dedicated set of followers than those on the LTSpice Yahoo group. In ten years on this board I can't recall any other testimonials for competing products.


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I can't think of any simulator / schematic capture / board layout software that isn't going to be driven by importing libraries. And you wouldn't want it to be. If it were, then you would be stuck with the components it happened to have when you bought it. It is unreasonable to expect it to have every component from every manufacturer, especially those that the manufacturer hasn't come out with yet.

Which package is best for you depends heavily on what you are going to use it for. Simulating digital designs is very different than simulating analog designs is very different than simulating mixed-signal designs. Doing noise simulations is different than doing power simulations. Doing frequency simulations is very different than doing temporal simulations. Different packages are going to have different strengths and weaknesses in these various situations.

Many commercial packages offer limited-time full-featured trials, so try them out and see which ones seem to fit your needs the best.