Help finding a suitable relay replacement on Oven relay board - old relay discontinued!

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Hi guys,

I'm not sure if this is the right sub to post in, but I'm hoping someone can help me either find a suitable relay replacement for an Oven that is on the fritz, or confirm that the replacement relays I have found will be suitable.

The relays currently on the board are:
1) Omron G8P-UA-006055 (047-00067-00), NO15a, NC 10a, 125VAC
2) Omron G8P-UA-006103 (047-00088-00), 30A 250VAC, 15a 125VAC

Can anyone help me find or know of or how to find a new part number for these specific relays? Sadly these exact parts have been long discontinued.

After doing some research, I discovered that there was an updated board published by Thermador (maker of my oven), and found relays which work as replacements for the updated board are:

1) Omron G8P-1C4P 12VDC, NO 20a, NC, 10A, 250VAC
2) Omron G8P-1A4P 12VDC, 30A 250VAC

The pin placement is the same, with the exception of an additional pin coming from the bottom of the solenoid. I assume this is just for stability as the pin goes no where on the circuit board (isolated), but perhaps it is ground?

Any help would be much appreciated! In the picture, you can see the bottoms of the OLD (white) relays (which i pulled from the board), and the bottom row is the black replacement relays that I am hoping to use.



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It should not be hard to determine the reason for the additional pin.
Presumably you have a meter.
BTW, one shows signs of smoke, if these are hermetically sealed relays, it may pay to open one of the sealing 'pips' or make a small hole, this avoids premature failure due to ionization of the interior if sealed.

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Thanks for the reply! I couldn't open the new relays, and decided to chance it, since the new relays were rated for higher duty than the old ones. Much to my delight, once I replaced all the relays, the oven fired up right away. Works for the first time in 5 years!