Help Finding Suitable Transformer

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Good morning,

I am faced with a dilemma. I need some way to step-up some voltage to somewhere from 15kV-25kV in AC. The planned voltage that I wanted to use was a continuous 115V AC at about 1 A, however, after talking to approximately 50 different companies about whether or not they could provide a product, none of them could, at least not in any sort of affordable price range for me. Now, I will be using this for R & D for a product I am developing so that I can start a business. As such, I will only need one for now, although I will probably buy much more later, if all goes well. However, as can be understood, I am on a very limited budget for now and would love to know if there was either a cheap place that I could find one or a cheap way that I could build one. I am looking at under $100. (If anyone is interested in the information: 115V @ 1A AC if brought to 25kV would be <0.005A and that is without counting losses.) Thank you so very much for all of your help.

~Eno Minos