Help finding a 110v to 24vDC Anderson power supply similar to this

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I apologize for the noob question, but I have a mental block when it comes to all things electric. So I just purchased one of these: While in transit, the company notified me that they just found out it's defective and they won't have a replacement for 8-10 weeks. So I wanted to see if I could find a replacement online sooner. Does anyone know where I can find an equivalent power supply sooner? Anything on amazon would be ideal, the sooner the better!

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It looks like a 24 Volt DC, 8.3 Amp, 200 Watt power supply

Cut the Anderson connector off of the old P/S or buy a new one
Buy a new 24 Volt P/S
Attach the Anderson connector.
Verify DC polarity, Black = (+), White = (-)
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Is this an odd configuration? I'm having a tough time finding a replacement at a similar price that can arrive quickly.

And if it helps, they said it can run off of a drill or car battery as well.



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It looks OK to me.

It is likely the two leads come from the same point internally which you can confirm by measuring the resistance between the two red and two black wires which should be zero ohms or close enough whilst not connected to the mains.

If you need 200W, and you get zero ohms as above, I would connect the two reds and two blacks together to provide the power.