Help !!!cant find sony smaster Cdx9646z chip datasheet.

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I cant find the datasheet for this sony smaster Cdx9646z chip .in trying to make an amp and need the pin outs anyone help ,plzzzz


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I bet this IC is a Sony product, that Sony use in their things. To get that datasheet, I think you need to be a Sony employee, or a developer for Sony, or perhaps a Sony certified repair man. (If there is a title like that.) If the IC is commercially sold, then it is another story...


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How else would i find the pinouts? @Papabravo
In the view of the manufacturer of the chip, Sony, you're not supposed to know the pinouts or the operation of the chip. It might be a proprietary design -- that is a design which is not available to or documented for the benefit of the general public. Companies who want people to use and buy their chips document them in exhaustive and excruciating detail. Companies with proprietary designs will often not even document the existence of the part number, or make up a part number that has no cyber trail.

In a career spanning half a century, I've never seen or heard of a chip from Sony.
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Sony makes a lotta chips tht are hard to find the datasheets.
Better luck is to get a SM for an equipment which the IC is used