Help a noob navigate a circuit board!

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Hello, I'm not very experienced with electronics but I'm eager to learn! I am a teacher and my school was recently throwing out a bunch of old laptops so I nabbed a few for a project I've been wanting to do (here is the video I'm following

I've run into a problem with identifying some pads on the circuit board. The instructions say to find the "LED_EN" pad, the "PWM" pad, and the "VLED" pad. The last one I found easily, and the labels to the others I have found, but I can't tell which pad they're referencing. I'll post a picture of the board if anyone can help me.

I hope I'm putting this post in the correct place, please let me know if I'm not or maybe point me in the right direction. Thank you for any help you can provide!


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That might look like a window when viewed through an overexposed picture or video, but it would be severely underpowered to actually create usable light in a room.