Hi, I am a noob. Need some help.

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I created an ESC as shown in the picture of a circuit on perf board. It worked, but the Arduino became hot and the gate of the MOSFETs were getting smaller voltage than the drain. So I want to replace the transistors with PC817 optocouplers according to the given schematic.

The schematic of the ESC in the picture is same to the given one, just the optocouplers were replaced by BJT transistors configured as an inverter. Which means I inverted the code.

If you need the code then please tell me.

The MOSFETs used are IRF3205, BJT transistors- BC547, Resistors- 2.2K and 10K (I will change them to the recommended ones) Diode- whatever shot key diode I found. Arduino NANO,

Will it work? And if it works, will there be any considerable problems? And if it doesn't work, what should I change? Thank you


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